Computer Quick Items

1. Mouse settings:



1. Adobe Cloud: I use the full Adobe cloud monthly plan which features multiple Adobe apps that come in handy when working with your freelancers.

2. Snag it:

3. Camtasia:

4. Google Crome:

5. Skype:

6. Dragon Dictation:



1. Multiple monitors: I use three 32" tv's that double as monitors.  LED TV's have the potential to be much cheaper then purchasing monitors and was about  $1,000 investment.  If you have never used multiple monitors, it is something you will wonder how you ever got a long without.  I run multiple programs at once and multiple web browsers simultaneously with multiple web pages open.  The scenarios in which multiple screens save me time is nearly unlimited.  Start with one additional screen, for a total of two, as this will be an adjustment.  From there you can decide if you need to move on from there with additional screens.

Things to remember: 

a) Laptops can usually only support two screens total.  If you want to add a third screen, then you need to add an additional video card.  I use the j5create JUA350 External Video Adapter retails at $75, see link for details. This is very easy to do as its an HDMI cable

Hardware List:

1) TV

2) HDMI Cable

3) Computer of course

4) j5create JUA350 External Video Adapter