Developing a Freelance Portfolio
By: Christopher J Tierney
2016 REEA Conference


The number of hours you put in or the limitations of your personal talents no longer determine your output.  In this presentation we share the tools and technique for finding, hiring, managing and growing your own network of freelancers by tapping into the global talent network.  We show you how to take your freelance portfolio from 0 to 10, skill complimentary freelancers, while owning the work that is generated on your behalf and gaining maximum output by utilizing the global financial exchange rates. Imagine what is possible having a team backing your efforts.


The average person is operating on an island because of the ignorance of the available affordable talent that is available via the World Wide Web.  The future will see these available networks become mainstream and no longer will teams be for companies with the budget to carry to overhead. Individuals will have the power of others for hire hourly and they too will be able to be a freelancer if they choose.  Reduce stress, beat deadlines, expand your efforts, develop your business faster; these are all potential benefits to properly utilizing the global network of freelancers.

  •   Understand how to find, hire, and utilize this global network of freelance talent.
  •  Understand how to protect your ideas and own the work generated from your freelance network.
  •   Be able to increase your efforts to levels never imagined from one person on a limited budget.


Our slide show will be made available through an internet link as well as all the links with the slide show for reference.  There are further tools available on our website where the full course is listed; NDA, release, etc.  These tools are at a cost and REEA attendees will receive a 50% discount on any purchases.  The full 5 hour course is also included with this offer to REEA conference attendees.

Timed Lesson Plan: 1h

5 Minutes Intro of the topic: What is a freelancer and what we will cover

5 Minutes What can I use a freelancer for: Talent pool capabilities

10 Minutes Finding a freelancer: Where and for what type of task, additive or duplicate tasks/skill set

5 Minutes Hiring a freelancer: Interviews, matching skills, weeding out the pretenders

5 Minutes Utilizing exchange rates: Freelancers in different countries and how to maximize output verse budget

5 Minutes Paying your freelancer: Different platform setups for paying and the risks associated with doing it wrong

10 Minutes Managing your Freelancers: Tools and Techniques for managing the different projects.  Includes discussion on project management platforms.

10 Minutes Protecting your material and owning what’s produced: Includes signed release form, NDA, Copyright, and growing

5 minutes Conclusion: Wrap up of the topic and references to get started

Questions: I will stay as long as necessary to answer all questions.



(Goes under What is a freelancer?)

The global freelance network is comprised of freelancers (virtual assistants is used interchangeably) from around the world who offer their services up for hire.  These services range from the simple spreadsheet to complex engineering projects to consulting services and beyond.  The internet of things has given you a leg up on every previous generation(s) in being able to get more productivity out of every hour spent then ever before possible.  No longer is productivity based on your time spent or the knowledge of certain tasks that you posses.  You can now just hire a freelancer and skip a large part of the learning curve!  Which is time saved.


Become a productivity ninja!